Intangible (Zodiac and Me#4)

What happens when stormy scorpio crashes into calm and logical virgo admist a Halloween prank? Sometimes best bonds are made on most intangible feelings. Part 4 finally out about scorpio woman and virgo man first meeting, with a cute supporting character of leo.

Limelight (Zodiac And Me#5)

When fire meets fire they either burn each other, or meddles. Zodiac and me#5 comes with Sagittarius and Leo’s first meeting; that fiery spark that can’t be ignored. Dedicated to and inspired by a real life Leo-Sagi couple. Hope I did justice to them!

Snake Charmer (zodiac and me#2)

What happens when fire and water meet? One of them blows out. Snake Charmer (zodiac and me#2) is the story of what happens when mysterious Scorpio and boastful Sagittarius first meet.

Fireworks (zodiac and me#1)

The ever compatible Air-fire combination creates fireworks when the meet. in Fireworks (zodiac and me#1) gives you small glimpse of what happens when Aries and Aquarius first meet